Statement re Coronavirus

5 June 2020

Ideal continue to proactively review the situation relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, including following UK Government and NHS advice.  Throughout this period, we have been regularly updating colleagues on the situation and on necessary precautions to take, as well as are adapting our approach to business accordingly.

Our priority continues to be to maintain Ideal’s business operations as close to 100% as possible whilst ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all employees alongside robust business continuity.

On Tuesday 17th March, we implemented a default secure remote working approach with travel, including to Ideal’s office, only where it is essential to do so, including support of customers involved in critical services. Based on the Government advice issued on 12th of May regarding offices and contact centres, working from home will continue as the default option for our staff. Also, as per Section 1.2 of the advice, we are publishing our latest Risk Assessment as a download here

Additional steps taken include:

  • All Ideal employees are working remotely, with access to any required Service Management and Monitoring tools. All managed infrastructure can be accessed remotely. The Ideal Senior Management Team continuously reviews our Business Continuity plan to ensure no disruption to customers services.
  • Where Ideal staff need to visit the Ideal office or travel to a customer site to do essential work for the continuation of business, Ideal is taking mitigating actions, following the relevant Government advice “to maintain 2m social distancing whenever possible, including while arriving at and departing from work, and when travelling between sites”. Ideal is also following the specific Government advice on Construction and other outdoor work.
  • Ideal continues to monitor our supply chain through ongoing consultation with all 3rd party suppliers to understand their contingency plans and assurance for continuation of services.
  • Ideal allocates a technical lead engineer to each customer account, and has a system of knowledge sharing within the technical team that ensures that there is no “single point of knowledge” risk.
  • Account Management – Ideal operate a ‘buddy’ system for each Account Manager, which ensures that ongoing work and projects are not impacted during times when the primary contact is not available.

If you have any further questions about our steps to mitigate the impact on our services, or would like to discuss any issues around networks, collaboration systems, platforms or security, please contact your Ideal Account Manager.