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Ideal becomes ZOOM International partner

7 September 2017

Ideal has signed an agreement with ZOOM International to become a sales and technology partner.

ZOOM International helps operate efficient contact centres, with a focus on customer satisfaction and insight into each interaction. The ZOOM product portfolio offers tools that capture multichannel communication between customers and contact centres, and analyse the customer journey across all channels. This allows contact centres to get better insight into what is happening and use analytics to uncover churn, patterns of dissatisfaction or upsell opportunities.

Daniel Solomon, Director of Channels, EMEA for ZOOM International, commented: “Ideal is a great addition to our partner network. Having known the Ideal team for a long time, I know they bring their 'think customer' mindset to everything they do. All of us at ZOOM International are excited about bringing Ideal on board, and look forward to working with them to bring next-generation insight and analytics into their customers' contact centres.”

Ideal solutions director Mick McLean added: “ZOOM International provides a compelling proposition which address many of the challenges our customers have with respect to contact centres, such as enhancing customer experience and customer satisfaction, ensuring compliance, and improving agent performance and profitability.

"As well as having an exceptional value proposition, ZOOM's longstanding Cisco Technology Developer Partner status made it especially attractive to us. We are very excited to introduce ZOOM International to our customers, so watch this space..."

More about ZOOM International

ZOOM International designs solutions that respond to the need for interaction recording and continuous improvement of business quality and performance in contact centres and back offices. ZOOM improves company-client relationships by providing an array of workforce optimisation (WFO) solutions involving quality management, speech analytics, and workforce management. ZOOM is a privately-owned company in operation since 1999.

ZOOM is positioned as an insightful emerging WFO vendor in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. It has been rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction by DMG Consulting, and its Net Promoter Score® is 83 - putting it on the leaderboard for NPS® across any company, of any size, in any industry around the world.

ZOOM supports a diverse customer base in two centres of operations: Prague, Czech Republic, and Franklin,USA. It currently has nine regional offices and supporting centers worldwide: United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Thailand, South Africa and Australia.

Image: MicraShed_UK/Flickr, Creative Commons