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1 August 2019

Our Security Expert Ian demystifies the Security Insight Report.

Our Security Expert explains what an Ideal Security Insight Report is, how it’s undertaken and how it can uncover hidden threats lurking on your network.
We speak to many businesses and most that undertake a Security Insight Report do so because they currently lack visibility on their network and want to know what security risks face their business.

Like them, are you concerned about unsecure applications on your network? Are you struggling to communicate the importance of network security to the rest of your business? And, are you sometimes left feeling like some users are blissfully unaware of the security threats they are vulnerable to and the resulting impact on the business?

If these ring true then a Security Insight Report could provide you with the robust data and deep insights you need to help solve these challenges.

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What does the report include?

The Ideal SLR examines your network traffic and provides insight and recommendations on your network security in terms of a comprehensive report. The report provides visibility across your network and includes:

1. Network at a glance – an executive summary of applications on the network including high risk applications, SaaS applications and threats, vulnerabilities and malware detected.

2. Applications - A deeper dive into the applications seen traversing the network, sorted into categories and illustrating bandwidth consumed. This section of the report also focuses on applications that introduce risk enabling you to assess their legitimacy as business sanctioned applications, see a snippet below.



3. URL analysis - a snapshot of URL activity over the period of analysis including high risk URL categories visited, commonly visited and used categories.

4. SaaS application usage – insight into cloud applications in use within your enterprise often exposing shadow IT in use within an organisation.



5. Data movement overview - analysis of file movement within the network, file types and associated applications delivering them as well as the number of files leaving the network.

6. Threat exposure - including high-risk and malicious file type analysis.

7. Application vulnerabilities and Malware Events - details the top five application vulnerabilities attackers attempted to exploit within your organisation and the applications and or protocols involved. The report also highlights any malware events seen on the network including any command and control (CnC) requests to suspicious domains.

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