The Ideal IT project delivery experience

Seamless, attentive, long term

The key to our IT project delivery success is the critical relationship between our project teams and our clients – that’s why our philosophy is ‘the answer is yes, what’s the question?’

We understand that although IT projects have milestones and sign-off points, the reality is that the project never really ends. Our account managers and IT project delivery team will be highly focused on your project needs and will always be contactable and accountable to you.

Our IT project delivery process

When you start working with us you’ll experience the benefits of dual-account management and open access to expert technical consultancy – and you’ll keep working with these experts right into implementation and beyond.

  • We don’t forget the basics – from logistics to service centre, we manage everything in house to ensure we are nimble, focused and easy to work with.
  • You’ll work with a sound, likeable account manager who can deliver on their promises.
  • There will be a seamless integration between the project team and the service delivery team.
  • We use a flexible approach to project management methodology – so our process will fit on top of your existing processes; we never dictate project methodology or tools.
  • Your projects will have an executive sponsor who will have final oversight on making sure that your experience is the Ideal one.
  • We combine rigorous application of best practice service management with flexible service design.
  • We pre-empt, anticipate and act.
  • We are always contactable – 24/7. We don’t have voicemail.

Our IT project delivery services

We specialise in the design, supply, installation and support of:

We can support you right across your IT infrastructure – we are Cisco specialists who take a flexible multi-vendor approach.

We offer a full range of professional services so you can consult with us – we are here to support right from specific technical issues to the big strategy questions for your business.

Get in touch to find out more about our IT project delivery services – call us on 01273 957500 or send us a message

Our sector expertise

We work with a wide range of clients across the following sectors:

  • Retail
  • Sport entertainment and leisure
  • Logistics and cargo delivery
  • Construction and facilities management
  • Accounting and business services
  • Financial services
  • Travel and transport
  • Education
  • Management consultancy
  • Media and communciations
  • Local government
  • Health and care services
  • Manufacturing and engineering

Public sector consultancy

We are listed as an approved specialist supplier on both the Network Services Framework (RM1045) and G-Cloud. These frameworks are available to everyone in the public sector to procure IT services.


Get in touch to find out more about our IT project delivery services – call us on 01273 957500 or send us a message

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