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Why you need managed SIEM (security information and event management) services

The security landscape is in constant change. As networks grow in complexity, and as they're called on to connect an ever-growing list of disparate devices, there's an explosion of traffic from new and evolving sources. Seeing through this traffic - joining the dots in the background chatter to identify threats and exploits - is fundamental to the security of your organisation. And yet, the same complexity that drives network growth adds to the challenge of ensuring network security.

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Our managed SIEM can protect your organisation's complex infrastructure from the new era of cyber threats by achieving powerful and centralised visibility of security data and alerts through a 24/7/365 managed service. We provide actionable guidance and recommendations, without the need for investment in an in-house security operations centre (SOC).

From day one, Ideal's managed SIEM can reduce the impact of security incidents and data breaches, eliminate your staff headache and free up your IT security staff to focus on core business activities. With our fast-to-deploy managed SIEM (security information and event management) service, powered by AlienVault's state-of-the-art platform, you can easily and confidently evidence compliance, all for a fixed fee with no hidden costs.



Key Managed SIEM features

360 visibility icon

360° visibility across your entire complex estate - we monitor, analyse and manage security events 24/7 from our UK-based SOC, normalising logs from firewalls, networks, devices, servers and applications, and translating noise into actionable events.

Data sources icon

Disparate data sources effortlessly correlated - expert monitoring and correlation of multiple data sources, up-to-the-minute guidance on emerging threats, and context-specific remediation advice.

Rapid response icon

Rapid response to incident management - real-time monitoring, coupled with process-led security incident teams, reduces the time between incident awareness and remediation.

Evidence compliance icon

Making it easier to evidence compliance - from our UK-based SOC, our analysts produce a range of accurate and comprehensive reports to satisfy regulator, auditor and management requirements.

Award-winning technology icon

Award-winning technology - we wrap our security expertise and team of experts around Alien Vault's state-of-the art platform, coupled with community-powered, expert-validated threat intelligence.

Expert team icon

Expert team of security analysts on-hand - access to a large team of security analysts and cyber experts serving many enterprises. The solution is specifically designed for businesses with stretched security resources.

Scalable icon

Scalable solution - we can quickly and easily scale our solution as you grow.

Fixed costs icon

Transparent, fixed costs - no hardware costs. Fixed, flat fee paid monthly. Pricing of the service is based on Events per Second (EPS) and the anticipated amount of security analyst resource needed per month.



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