Enterprise-grade peace of mind

The security and integrity of your data is paramount to protecting your brand and customers, and acheiving your business goals. With multiple IT systems generating multiple independent and interrelated security alerts, the best practice approach to managing and protecting against cyber threat is to maintain a 24/7 in-house security operations centre (SOC), but the challenges include a shortage of cyber security and managment expertise, and the costs of training, threat intelligence awareness, equipment and facilities.

The very largest businesses might be able to afford the necessary investment, but for a medium-sized organisation the numbers for an in-house SOC are prohibitive, with the risk that you are left exposed.

Proactive, expert monitoring

Who_needs_managed_SIEM_temp.pngIdeal's managed SIEM service is designed to meet these challenges, providing always-on, proactive and expert monitoring and maintenance of security across your organisation. Operated from Ideal's UK-based 24/7 SOC, the managed SIEM service integrates with your entire IT environment, enabling Ideal to analyse multiple data sources on your behalf, correlating observed activity into business and security events.

For each alert, Ideal will proactively filter and analyse the threat, and provide guidance and recommendations on the required remediating actions. Where the alert relates to equipment or services managed by us, we will carry out the required actions.

What are the benefits?

Ideal's managed SIEM service provides peace of mind through active monitoring of your security environment. Our security centre is operated from our Brighton offices, and manned by permanent, vendor-qualified engineers with the expertise to manage and advise on security issues as they occur. Your data is not sent to the cloud.

Key benefits:

  • All essential resources - security analysts, operational SIEM, global threat intelligence, established incident investigation process - provided 'as one' on a 24/7 basis
  • Real-time identification of threats and management of the necessary notifications and alert levels, minimising response time and reducing the impact of security events
  • Continuous monitoring of security events on your infrastructure
  • One-stop SOC remediation for any monitored infrastructure that is managed by Ideal
  • Robust and reliable security incident response
  • Security compliance, demonstrable to management, auditors and regulators
  • Access to expertise and threat intelligence to properly categorise and advise on incidents
  • Peace of mind for a fixed monthly cost


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