Data centre expertise - design, compute, security, storage, backup and disaster recovery

Digital Transformation continues to drive the need for application flexibility: this is the next biggest challenge to the IT department. Applications need to be migratable, monitored and automated, while their security and integrity remains assured. Meeting these new business challenges can be difficult and complex. Ensuring business requirements are met with simple and repeatable solutions requires that any platform is suitable and adaptable for the changing landscape.

How we can help

The infrastructure that runs and protects your business applications and data is the heart of your organisation. Meeting the disruptive challenges of digitisation and shifting business needs can be a slow and difficult challenge. However, the right infrastructure and cloud platform can be a great enabler for differing, sometimes competing, business requirements and demands.

Ideal consults, designs and supports organisations through their IT journeys, and can provide options and advice embracing a range of infrastructure and cloud deployments, including private, co-location, Hybrid, X-as-a-Service models and the public cloud.

Our approach is always driven by clear business goals rather than a specific technology. Focusing on key requirements, we build solutions that are fit for purpose, with specific features to underpin and enhance your existing IT services. The emergence and growth of the cloud presents new methods for the delivery of service, but it also enables new types of service, and unearths new opportunities.

Key drivers are:

  • Ensuring high performance of critical apps
  • Rapidly deploying infrastructure for development
  • Ensuring high availability, integrity and access to critical data
  • Maintaining visibility of operating performance, cost and location
  • Ensuring ease of recoverability
  • Protecting against disaster and ensuring business continuity

Our data centre services and product expertise includes:

  • Data centre technology design and implementation
  • Compute - Cisco UCS, high-performance computing (HPC)
  • Physical and virtual switching infrastructure - Cisco Nexus, Cisco MDS, Cisco Unified Fabric
  • Security - Palo Alto Networks
  • Virtualisation - VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, with Server Virtualisation and Network Virtualisation competencies
  • Storage - NetApp, Pure Storage, Dell EMC
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity, replication and backup – Rubrik, Zerto, storage replication, Site Recovery Manager
  • Workload Flexibility and control (private/public cloud) - NetApp DataFabric, VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Converged stack technologies - Cisco Unified Fabric, NetApp FlexPod, EMC VSPEX, SmartStack, FlashStack
  • Hyperconverged platforms – Hyperflex, Simplivity


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Who do we work with?

  • Organisations trying to determine how and when they should use cloud, hybrid or on-premises solutions
  • Organisations with critical apps that require infrastructure specific to their use cases
  • Organisations who require comfort and ease in relation to ensuring backups, data integrity, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Organisations who want to simplify and consolidate their IT platforms
  • App owners experiencing slowdowns or performance bottlenecks
  • Organisations who experience slow or overrunning projects from beginning to end
  • Organisations that suffer multiple vendors and forklift upgrades of infrastructure with each refresh
  • Organisations whose end users complain of performance and availability issues
  • Organisations looking for non-disruptive operations for patching, maintenance, upgrades, and capacity expansions
  • Organisations with large diverse environments to manage, who would benefit from centralised control, standardised policies and simple deployment
  • Organisations that need to enable quick-to-deploy infrastructure to meet business demands


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