The cloud sounds easy

But not all business functions belong there

It's not surprising that many companies feel they should move to a cloud-hosted model. There are some clear advantages: the flexibility of buying infrastructure or software as a service (SaaS), and the reassurance that management, security and disaster recovery are an integral part of the offering. But there's no one-size-fits-all hosted solution, and for some companies, questions such as where data is stored and who has control of it require a bespoke answer.

At Ideal, we have in-depth experience of designing and deploying hosted and public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, tailored completely for the objectives, budgetary and legislative requirements of your business. We can advise you on the pros and cons of competing options such as on or off-premises, with an understanding of sector and business-specific considerations such as security, and capital expenditure versus operational expenditure costs.

Our hosted solution

We offer clients a dedicated network infrastructure, hosted and managed within our data centre. With many of the benefits of infrastructure as a service, it provides the additional advantage of a bespoke architecture, exclusively designed and implemented for your exact needs. You know exactly where your data is stored and processed - on a dedicated, protected and secured infrastructure.

In addition, we offer key business tools and resources via service models:

Our cloud solutions

We are experts at architecting private, public and hybrid cloud solutions that reflect our clients' needs. We consider your requirements for flexibility, security and cost, alongside considerations such as operational versus capital expenditure, before recommending and designing a solution most suited to you.

Working with partners including Exponential-e, we offer private cloud solutions which operate entirely behind your corporate firewall, balancing reduced management overheads with a secure environment from which to operate your business. We can design public and hybrid cloud alternatives, providing the platform for advanced solutions such as desktop as a service (DaaS), maximising flexibility and bringing further advantages such as reduced capital expenditure.


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