An approved specialist supplier

We are RM1045 and G-Cloud  approved

We are listed as an approved specialist supplier on both the Network Services Framework (RM1045) and G-Cloud. These frameworks are available to everyone in the public sector to procure IT services.

We specialise in the design, supply, installation and support of:

Network Services framework (RM1045)

We are suppliers for the following Lots:

  • Lot 2 Local Connectivity
  • Lot 5 IP Telephony
  • Lot 8 Video conferencing

Our cross-architectural expertise allows us to supply solutions across all three of these Lots.

We will understand your challenges and then work with you in a flexible and agile way throughout the procurement process:

  • We have Standard Service Offers to meet business challenges through a direct award from the catalogue
  • We can work with you to develop new Standard Service Offers to meet your specific challenges through a direct award
  • We respond to Short Form Further Competitions and General Further Competitions.

Get in touch to find out more – call us on 01273 957 500 or send us a message.

Buying our services through the Network Services framework (RM1045)

There’s information at about buying through Crown Commercial Services frameworks, and you can also find out more about how to access the catalogue. For further help you can contact the service desk.

The eMarketplace

If your requirements are straightforward the Government eMarketplace provides a range of options for purchases you can buy online.

Through the eMarketplace you can:

  • place direct orders for products and services via our catalogues
  • send electronic requests for quotes to preregistered suppliers on the Dynamic Marketplace
  • view contracts or supplier lists such as Communications Marketplace via Contracts Directory

Log on to the eMarketplace
Find out more and register: eMarketplaceguide
Read an Introduction to the Government eMarketplace


We supply Specialist Cloud Services on the G-Cloud framework. Through this framework we can support you with:

  • Technical consulting on hybridisation, connectivity and security design
  • Project and Programme management
  • Solution design
  • Planning, installing and configuring technology solutions
  • Testing and remedial work
  • Proof of concept/pilot solutions
  • Cloud readiness assessment and technology healthchecks
  • Service design
  • Auditing infrastructure
  • Wireless site surveys
  • Managed Cloud Wireless Service
  • Hybrid Cloud (Cisco intercloud) Service

Buying our services through G-Cloud

There’s straightforward information at about how to buy services through G-cloud in the G-Cloud Buyers’ Guide.
To place an order with us via the G-Cloud framework, find us at the Digital Marketplace. We can help you with step-by-step support to create an audit trail for your supplier search.


Get in touch to find out more – call us on 01273 957500 or send us a message

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