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Looking for faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage and fewer support calls?

Our Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed solution delivers a high-density network that saves time and money with technology that simply works.

Do you know what’s really happening on your Network? Register for a Security Insight Report to reveal hidden threats.

Request a Ideal Security Insight Report and find out the biggest security threats hiding on your network

SD-WAN - A game changer for digital business.

Watch our short video on how Ideals SD-WAN Security Stack allows you to securely connect any user, any application, anywhere with any cloud.

Move at blazing speed with complete hyperconvergence.

Are you part of that 80% looking for a way to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to deploy new business-facing IT services? Cisco Hyperconvegence brings the speed, simplicity and agility that businesses in today's digital economy crave.

Did you know that not all HCI's are equal?

And with that in mind, how will you find one that provides the consistent and reliable performance needed to power every application or workload? Read this brief guide to know what to look out for when choosing your platform.

Enterprise Grade Software-Defined WAN from Ideal- A Beginner's Guide.

Download our Ideal SD-WAN Beginners Guide to understand why the existing WAN is holding back businesses and how SD-WAN -which is made for cloud, is enhancing flexibility, performance and robust security.

Ideal Managed SD-WAN Infographic

Enable cloud transformation, enhance your security, lower your WAN costs and deliver performance. To learn more about Ideal's Managed SD-WAN read our infographic.

Three steps to achieving a cost optimised cloud.

Like most modern businesses are you struggling to realise the cost benefits of your cloud environment? Ideal's Cloud Cost Optimisation service allows you to improve efficiency of your digital business by confidently controlling your cloud environments’ cost and usage.

You know your network is compromised. So what can you do?

What can you do if you know your network is compromised? Improve network visibility, catch suspicious activity early and prevent a full-blown security breach...

Putting Together an Effective Incident Response Plan

Are you ready to respond to a security breach? Don't leave it to chance, create an incident response plan that will work when it needs to...

Enterprise Grade Software-Defined WAN.

To learn more about how to ensure that your users always have the best possible experience with the highest protection over any type of WAN connection download our Buyers Guide to SD-WAN.

The Ideal Enterprise Cloud Journey

The Ideal Enterprise Cloud Journey. Helping you to recognise your current cloud status and how to progress to an optimal cloud state.

Need help joining the dots? Cyber expertise you can trust...

We provide powerful security breach detection and response 24/7/365. And, we're passionate about supporting our customers - we hope it shows via our video.

Modern Workplace from Ideal combines the best of Office 365, Windows 10 and cloud-ready security technologies

Modern Workplace from Ideal combines the best of Office 365, Windows 10 and cloud-ready security technologies into a single intelligent platform.

Modern Workplace Webinar

Learn how to strengthen collaboration, mobility and security with Microsoft 365 on our Modern Workplace webinar, 16th October, 12pm.

Switching for the new era webinar

We're hosting a 'switching for the new era' webinar to share our experience about securely and rapidly transforming your LAN.

Protection Beyond the Firewall

Listen to our Solutions Director, Mick McLean, and Exclusive's Principal Security Consultant, Ben Stafford, talk through PAN's  game-changing NGFW subscriptions, cloud security trends and SOC transformation solution.

How to out-perform in a challenging construction environment

Up to 9% of UK project costs are the result of project rework and poor communication. You need a partner that can help lower that number.

Ideal's 6 Phases of Transformation

From recent conversations with technical and infrastructure teams we've recognised six phases that can be used to identify options for moving forwards.

Ideal - experts in construction networks

Our enterprise networks form the backbone of some of London’s most iconic buildings. From stadia to mixeduse offices and shopping centres, Ideal has deep expertise in the construction industry. Our sector knowledge enables us to design, deploy and manage intelligent, highly secure networks that continue to deliver the strong foundation you require.

Five ways contractors can plan for success

As you continue planning for post-virus recovery and success, we believe these top five areas will play an important part in shaping the sector. 

Move to modernity more easily

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, from rehosting and refactoring some of your workloads, to demystifying DevOps, to a full scale adoption of a cloud native approach, we’re perfectly placed to help. We believe that as it’s your journey towards cloud adoption, it should be done at your pace and in your way.

Ideal's SD-WAN demo

See an SD-WAN solution in action through Cisco's vManage platform with Ideal experts Richard Harvey and Jo Feldman.

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams

Enhance your collaboration skills and learn the 6 key features of Microsoft Teams in this 45-minute webinar.

Secure Access Service Edge for Dummies

In SASE For Dummies, you’ll learn about this new approach to networking and security, including its core capabilities and key benefits for organizations in the modern digital workplace.

How to strengthen your security with Microsoft 365

Strengthen your security with Microsoft's layered approach to security in this 25-minute webinar.

3 signs you're organisation is ready to move to the cloud

By now you’ll know the benefits of moving into the cloud, but how do you know when you’re ready? Recognise the internal signals you might be missing that mean you might be ready to move into the cloud.

The 2021 Cloud Native Engagement Report

We wanted to get an understanding of how professionals really felt about their organisations' paths to Cloud Native, so we asked 220 IT professionals across the UK. The results make for interesting and sometimes surprising reading. To get an insight into how your peers think about how Cloud Native impacts them, and their views on benefits, blockers and challenges, download the report.