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How to out-perform in a challenging construction environment

Up to 9% of UK project costs are the result of project rework and poor communication. You need a partner that can help lower that number.

Ideal - experts in construction networks

Our enterprise networks form the backbone of some of London’s most iconic buildings. From stadia to mixeduse offices and shopping centres, Ideal has deep expertise in the construction industry. Our sector knowledge enables us to design, deploy and manage intelligent, highly secure networks that continue to deliver the strong foundation you require.

How to strengthen your security with Microsoft 365

Strengthen your security with Microsoft's layered approach to security in this 25-minute webinar.

Microsoft 365: Your Security Ally

Learn more about the key principles of enterprise security and how Microsoft 365 can support your strategy in this guide.

Securing a Smarter Building

Given the potentially devastating security, financial, and reputational impacts of a cyber attack, cybersecurity is an issue smart building owners and operators simply cannot underestimate.

Read how you can mitigate these risks and keep smart buildings secure

Achieving the benefits of smart building technologies

To make the most of the opportunities offered by smart building technologies, buildings need a Converged Network System (CNS). This ebook outlines how a CNS creates and contributes to these opportunities, and provides a 4 phase process for planning a CNS build.

The case for a CNS in building construction

This 3-page guide gives a high-level overview of the technology required for a CNS and the efficiencies it can provide, such as: 

  • Reduced power waste
  • Increased buying power for contractors
  • Increased and simplified data security
  • A single source of responsibility
  • The opportunity for off-site construction