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Enterprise Grade Software-Defined WAN

A game-changer for the digital business.

Gartner estimates that by 2020, 63 million new devices will be online every second. Is your current network up to the challenge?

SD-WAN is built for the digital business and allows you to securely connect any user, any application, anywhere with any cloud.

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Key SD-WAN features

Now you can manage your entire network from a centralised dashboard, quickly and securely deploy new branches with any transport, and automate operational workflows. SD-WAN enables agile routing of traffic across your WAN, reducing complexity and cost.

Int Pub Cloud

Integration with public cloud

Extend the reach of your network.
Service Flexibility

Service Flexibility

Choose from managed, self-managed, or co-managed service design, aligned to the internal capability within your IT team.
Integrated Security

Branch network security

Enforce consistent network security within the branch using Enterprise Firewall, IPS, URL filtering and DNS-layer protection. Policies for these features are defined and deployed centrally from the same vManage interface and cEdge device.
Zero Touch

Zero touch provisioning

Enabling rapid deployment of new applications. Automating the provisioning of new branch locations and network services in minutes rather than months.
Enterprise Expertise

Enterprise-class expertise

Experienced, certified, UK-based team of network experts (LAN & WAN) to design, deploy and optimise the right solution for your business.
Carrier Agnostic

Carrier agnostic connectivity

We work with a wide selection of UK and global carriers in over 190 countries to maximise resilience, performance and public cloud proximity for your network.
End Point Flexibility

End Point Flexibility

Easily look back and source the root cause of historical issues and provide your users with rich insight, advice and assurance.
Centralised Management

Centralised management

Simplify policy management across all remote sites with centralised cloud managed fabric – improves performance and monitoring of your WAN while reducing the complexity of managing network policies. 
Dynamic Path

Dynamic path selection

Securely connecting users to applications over any type of connection including MPLS, Internet and 4G LTE. We will audit, document and implement a long-term traffic management policy that is truly aligned to your business priorities.

Ideal - The network experts

Delivering an enhanced customer experience through an intelligent, software-defined network.
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"I really trust Ideal - they completed the project under pressure with no disruption to our business. It was all about the planning. Ideal ensured a high level of excellent technical briefing coupled with simplicity, and they ensured that the business understood what was being delivered.

As a result we have a faster network, a strong robust system, greater resilience and decreased security risks."

Chris Fullalove,
IT Director, Caffyns Group

Learn about SD-WAN below.

In the same way server virtualisation transformed data centres a decade ago, software defined WAN (SD-WAN) is set to be a game-changer for wide area networking.

SD-WAN - A Beginner's Guide

Are you wondering what Software-Defined WAN is and how it can help accelerate your business?

Webinar: SD-WAN Security Stack

We explain how the new SD-WAN Security Stack allows you to securely connect any user, any application, anywhere with any cloud. You'll learn how to provide your users with a superior application experience while delivering unified threat protection from branch to cloud.

Network Intelligence - A Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN

The case for change.

Watch Our Free SD-WAN Security Stack Webinar

Interested in implementing SD-WAN into your business? This free webinar from our Network Architect and Solutions Director covers the key facts you need to know about SD-WAN.


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