Do you know what's really happening on your network?

It's likely that there are hidden threats lurking on your network, but are you confident that you could easily detect them and then put security measures in place to mitigate against them?

The Ideal Security Insight Report examines your network traffic and provides insight and recommendations on your network security.

Security Insight Report

The report provides visibility across your network and includes:

  1. Network at a glance
  2. Application categorisation and risk rating
  3. URL analysis including high risk identification
  4. SaaS application usage
  5. Data movement overview (files in and out of the network)
  6. Threat exposure including high-risk and malicious file type analysis
  7. Application vulnerabilities
  8. Recommendations 

One of our Security Experts will take the time to walk you through the report and provide actionable insight which you can act on immediately to reduce risk.

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