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Software Defined Access

The high-performance network solution from Ideal.

Reduce network complexity and operational workload while achieving new levels of security, speed and visibility. Next-generational LAN from Ideal - intelligent networks that rapidly and securely accelerate change.

Software Defined Access from Ideal, the experts in networks.


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Your business has changed. How could it not? Its customers are online, its operations are 24/7, its apps and systems extend into the cloud, and with digital transformation its focus is increasingly on facilitating the customer journey. Data is fundamental, your devices are more varied than ever, and everything is held together by the network - which has barely changed in years.

Software Defined Access from Ideal will help you keep pace with the demands of your business and advance your digital transformation program with an intelligent, secure network. We can help you radically reduce the cost of network operations and troubleshooting by removing manual configuration and introducing intelligent automation and central visibility.

With Cisco SD-Access we can simplify the complexity of your Enterprise LAN estate with an integrated ‘fabric’ enabling alignment and simplified management. Support the explosion in new endpoints by securely segmenting and adopting new users and devices at speed.

Key Software Defined Access features

Feature - Policy Enforcement

Intelligent policy enforcement

Policy-based automated provisioning, based on your identity, not your address. Simplify provisioning using best practice configuration and automation enabling the connection of devices in real-time.
SDA Icon. Feature - Integrated Fabric

A single integrated fabric

Flexible architecture and integrated ‘fabric’ enabling wired, wireless and WAN to be aligned and managed as a single system.
SDA Icon. Feature - Manage Add Change

Manage, add, change at speed

Quickly and easily onboard users. Full user mobility between different access areas is possible without changing the endpoint network address.
Feature - Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation

Significantly reduce the cost and number of policy violations caused by human error using highly-intelligent, automated software. 
SDA Icon. Feature - Add IOT Devices

Add IOT-type devices with confidence

Isolate non-traditional end points so you can rapidly segment and configure IOT-type devices with secure boundaries.
SDA Icon. Feature - Central Visibility

Central visibility

Accelerate time to resolution and prevent problems on the network before they start via a central dashboard and new levels of visibility.
Feature - Historical Troubleshooting

Historical troubleshooting

Easily look back and source the root cause of historical issues and provide your users with rich insight, advice and assurance.
Feature - Network Experts

Network experts

Experienced, certified, UK-based team of network experts to design, deploy and optimise the right solution for your business.

Ideal - The network experts

Delivering an enhanced customer experience through an intelligent, software-defined network.
Read our Caffyns case study

"I really trust Ideal - they completed the project under pressure with no disruption to our business. It was all about the planning. Ideal ensured a high level of excellent technical briefing coupled with simplicity, and they ensured that the business understood what was being delivered.

As a result we have a faster network, a strong robust system, greater resilience and decreased security risks."

Chris Fullalove,
IT Director, Caffyns Group

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Reduce network complexity and operational workload while achieving new levels of security, speed and visibility.


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How software definition reconnects the enterprise.

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Software Defined Access Brochure

Software Defined Access is an innovative technology that delivers policy-based automation of users, devices, and things from the edge of the network to the cloud. Delivered through a centralised management console - Cisco DNA Center – Software Defined Access brings automation and visibility to complex networks.

Download Your Free Software Defined Access Brochure

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