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At Ideal we provide comprehensive, cost-effective managed IT services for businesses across the UK. Our areas of managed IT solutions expertise include networks, security, collaboration and platforms. 

We offer comprehensive managed IT support to businesses of all sizes and across all industries - no matter the requirements. 

See how our managed IT services helped PizzaExpress leverage their existing investments and virtual replication to deliver business-critical data in this video, where Group IT operations manager Najeeb explains the value of Ideal’s consultative, value-driven approach.

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Network infrastructure

See how we can help

Cloud and Data Centre

See how we can help

Enhance your network infrastructure

Don’t be held back by inefficiency and downtime any longer with Ideal’s managed IT services. Our 24/7 monitoring of your network infrastructure allows us to identify issues instantly, helping you be more efficient, and facilitating faster delivery of business critical IT - all while reducing unnecessary expense.


How we can help
Minimise downtime
By monitoring and managing your network’s availability, performance and health, we minimise downtime and ensure you deliver the operational performance your business needs.
Proactive monitoring
Access expertise and enhanced services instantly, and gain peace of mind that your network is being monitored 24/7/365.
Manage network access

We help you to securely connect any user, any application, anywhere with any cloud.

Enhance the user experience
With better performing managed IT services and experts on hand, we get your users working again quickly, improving productivity and satisfaction levels.
Automate processes
Focus on transforming your business and leave the monitoring to us. We used highly advanced automation to monitor your services, so you are no longer restrained by resource and manual tasks.

Our network infrastructure clients

Don’t just take our word for it; see how we’ve managed networks to alleviate pressure on clients’ stretched IT teams, allowing them to focus on what matters most to their business.

Find out why Allport Cargo Services relies on Ideal to manage the complexity of their WAN infrastructure, meaning Allport can get on with providing logistics and delivery services for clients in 30 countries around the world.
Read our Allport Cargo case study
The largest academy school in the UK has nearly 3000 students and staff who expect a robust and secure network to support their learning and teaching. We've helped the IT department deliver just that.
Read our Thomas Deacon Academy case study

Enhance your cloud and data centre

In the world of digital transformation, you are tasked with connecting multiple users, applications and devices to multiple clouds securely. We can help manage this complex environment to improve efficiency, cost control and security.


How we can help

Access to cloud expertise
Don't be restricted by your limited exposure or skill set, better optimise your cloud with Ideal’s managed IT services. Our managed cloud and data centre experts will leverage your in-house capabilities and plug skill gaps in your organisation so you realise the benefits of cloud without the time and cost investment in training. We provide complete IT management of IAM solutions, cloud-based threat management and regular cloud operations coverage.
Optimise your cloud costs
As part of our wider managed IT support, we’ll provide you with wider insight into your cloud expenditure, advice on procurement, and propose cost reduction opportunities in line with your business goals.
Your data centre in safe hands
We’ll aid the optimisation of your data centre using our team of platform experts who have experience of providing managed IT services for a huge range of clients; including the management of legacy hardware and complex workloads for enterprises such as Aspire and Beggars.
Provide data centre hardware break / fix
From telephone support through to break/fix and onsite engineer support, we have a range of options to support your business requirements.

Our cloud and data centre clients

A highly resilient data centre, fundamental to a major infrastructure project.
Read our Aspire case study
Discover how Ideal helped one of the world's biggest independently run record label groups harmonise their IT solutions and business objectives.
Read our Beggars case study

Enhance your security

As part of our managed IT services, we provide a faster and smarter way to protect your business. You’ll gain immediate access to IT support, including deep security expertise from our proactive, ‘always-on’ Customer Service Centre.


How we can help

Proactively identify potential threats
Our managed IT support packages provide proactive, real-time monitoring that vastly reduces the need to react to issues and ‘fire-fight’. By monitoring and managing your infrastructure’s availability, performance and health, we minimise downtime and ensure you deliver the operational performance your business needs.
Provide full visibility across your network
Ideal's managed SIEM can reduce the impact of security incidents and data breaches, eliminate skills and resources headaches, and free up your IT security staff to focus on core business activities.
Security expertise on tap
Receive advice and guidance from our team of security experts whenever you need it, as part of your managed IT support service.

Our security clients

Endpoint protection: providing defence in depth against cyber threats.
Read our One Family case study
Using a 'think customer' approach to enhance the health worker and patient experience.
Read our East Sussex Healthcare Trust case study


Free guides, tips and lessons from our team of passionate experts

Seven reasons to consider moving to a Managed Service model

We know too well that technology is moving at a colossal speed and that demands on technology teams are getting out of control. Teams are expected to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date with fast evolving technologies whilst doing more than just keeping the lights on.

Is your Managed Service Provider taking you for a ride?

Here's a handy checklist of the 5 things you should expect from your MSP.

Managed SIEM - in-house or outsourced?

In-house SIEM is expensive to set up and operate. The right managed service provider can provide better for less.

Managed IT Services from Ideal

IT teams are under pressure to ‘do more with less’. To sweat the existing assets and maximise ROI, yet at the same time ensure they can support an ‘always-on’ business, in all regions.

Fortunately, there is a way you can improve IT efficiency, achieve your up-time and outage targets and help deliver more business-critical IT.  Leverage Ideal’s enterprise expertise from our always-on Customer Service Centre to increase your service availability, and liberate your IT team to focus on business transformation.

8 Reasons why you should choose Ideal

Increase Service Availability

Increased service availability

Our proactive, real-time monitoring vastly reduces the need to react to issues and ‘fire fight’. By monitoring and managing your infrastructure’s availability, performance and health, we minimise downtime and ensure you deliver the operational performance your business needs.
Liberate Your IT Team

Liberate your IT team

We allow you to focus on providing business transformation without being constrained by resource. We free up your existing IT staff to dedicate time to strategic projects, enhancing your team’s agility and enabling you to drive innovation.
Cost-effective Access to Enterprise-level Support

Cost-effective access to enterprise-level support

We take the responsibility of hiring, training and retraining away from you. We provide staff with specialist skills which saves you recruiting and training for infrastructure engineers, plugging the skills gaps in your team and minimising disruption from IT staff turnover.
Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Peace of mind, guaranteed

You can rest assured that your service is being monitored around the clock and you have immediate access to deep expertise and enhanced service levels. We agree a tailored communications plan that works for you, ensuring high availability, backed by clear SLAs (day and night).
Enhance the user Expreience

Enhance the user experience

With better performing IT services and experts on hand to resolve issues, we get your users working again quickly, improving workforce productivity and satisfaction levels.
Enhanced Tech Expertise on tap

Advanced tech expertise on tap

You’ll always have access to a fully optimised service that includes the latest features available. In addition, as we horizon scan, we evaluate and introduce opportunities that are right for your business.
Fixed Predictable Costs

Fixed, predictable costs

Fixed monthly plans provide certainty of spend. There are no hidden costs or unexpected upgraded charges, just transparent pricing with no surprises.
Choose the service thats right for you

Choose the service that’s right for you

We offer a wide range of services and you can choose the best options that address the unique requirements of your business. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, so we morph with you as your business changes.

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Get advice from one of our networks, security, collaboration or platforms experts to understand how we can help create value, protect and accelerate change in your digital business.