Enterprise LAN

Delivering the best networking experience for your business

The past decade has undoubtedly seen more changes in the way we work than any other period, directly impacting your networking challenges. From the number and type of devices you enable, to on-demand expectations and escalating security concerns, you need to provide a more agile, robust network than ever before.

Pressure from users

You might be facing complaints from users about poor performance while your IT teams struggle to ‘do more with less’. The expectation for uninterrupted uptime, optimal performance, and high-quality service is relentless.
Users now expect the office to support the way they want to work. Whether this is flexible hot desking to enhance productivity or the seamless transition between desk and meeting rooms or quiet areas, networks need to be able to manage a dynamic work environment. The
The growth in the volume of data traffic alone requires increased bandwidth, which presents a challenge to many companies. Even fit-for-purpose networks put in several years ago, aren’t able to handle this level of change.

Pressure from the technology eco-system

As your networks grow and evolve, you may be finding it harder to manage and troubleshoot the existing complexity, whilst having to adapt to changing technologies and networking needs.
You need visibility into user and application traffic and behaviour. You know that as the business embraces IoT, robotics, AI, cloud and collaborative computing, this will place a further strain on your network and resources.
Security is also a challenge with the constant risk of cyberattacks, data breaches, and malware infections posing significant risks to your network and users alike. Any non-secure devices, including IOT devices, ramp up the risk of attack.

What can you do?

With saturated networks and increasing risk caused by non-traditional endpoints, how can your enterprise keep up with the changing demands of the business?

Network performance and capacity must be both flexible and scalable, allowing for unknown growth, secure segmentation and the adoption of new users and devices at speed.

The Ideal Solution

We understand that businesses have ever changing priorities and we will work with you to build a network solution designed for the long-term, with design and architecture supporting your business functions and future plans.

Designed for growth

By assessing your current and future business estate, plans, priorities, and budget, we ensure that the network solution we propose is tailored to your specific environment and needs.
We know that a network with a well-planned design will perform better. We consider your security, resilience, scalability and visibility needs and apply approved network design principles, with deployment carried out to best practice standards.
Once deployed, we ensure that your network performance and capacity are both flexible and scalable, allowing for unknown growth, secure segmentation and adoption of new users and devices at speed.

Flexibility, visibility and performance

Visibility and flexibility is key. We ensure that full insight into every layer, including the devices plugged into it, with governance around identity, permissions and access rights is built not the design. By using network automation and orchestration tools, network configuration can be streamlined and allows network changes or events to be easily managed.

Network analytics provide data which can help you measure and improve the network performance and end user experience. All of our networks are deployed ready for managed service overlays that will put you in control.

Layered security

We ensure that the design is securable at every layer, from access control through to segmentation. By applying policy-based networking, intelligent network fabric and automation, we can introduce faster network design, provisioning and maintenance, ultimately delivering improved network uptime for you.

Ideal Enterprise LAN

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