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Commercial real estate requires vision and the ability to manage complexity. To attract and retain occupants, a digital transformation mindset is required across the whole building lifecycle. But the way we work has changed, and that means that buildings must see ‘smarter’ as an ongoing process, delivering on ESG goals while also enabling outstanding user experiences. All this and being flexible enough to adapt to future demands.

Increasingly, the role of the network is being recognised as core to the Technological Foundation of a successful Smart Building.

By engaging Ideal to advise on, design, implement and provide managed services for the core network, key systems are connected, required data is accessible and managers have the flexibility required to deliver on the ongoing performance of the Smart Building.

How We Make Your Building Smarter

To make the most of the increased efficiencies and opportunities offered by smart building technologies, buildings need a Converged Network System (CNS). A secure, integrated, robust and flexible building IP network, the CNS is the technological foundation of a smart building. It may also be known by other names, such as an Integrated Communications Network or the Landlord Integration Network (WiredScore term), but essentially the CNS enables different systems within a building to interact with each other securely and effectively. This helps improve operational and cost efficiencies, as well as supporting enhanced user experience.


A Smart Building such as 22 Bishopsgate is a combination of multiple building control and automation systems from several providers – we refer to these as IP Partners. Connecting and protecting these IP Partners, and the multitude of associated IT, OT and IoT assets to enable seamless interoperability between them all, requires a well-designed and optimised CNS.

It also needs a partner with the experience and expertise to install complex technology onsite, in often challenging conditions. The ability to act as a Managed Systems Integrator means that IP Partners are supported to achieve optimum performance.

Ideal have designed, built and managed networks for some of the smartest buildings in the UK.

A Smart Building is an ever-evolving structure incorporating three technology fields:

  • Operational Technology (OT)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The Converged Network System ensures these are connected.