What We Do

We enable and support smarter physical environments by combining converged network build with a range of managed services designed in partnership with building management teams.

We have a track record of exceptional delivery on Smart Building projects such as 22 Bishopsgate and Battersea Power Station. Our depth and breadth of skills make us a partner of choice for ambitious building owners and managers.

Enabling Smarter Physical Environments

In 2009, Ideal started as a network specialist company with one man and a desk, and a vision to give customers real business value through IT. Today, the company has 60 staff and offers deep and transformative expertise in Smarter Physical Environments.

We design, build, deliver and manage the Converged Network Systems deployed in some of the UK’s smartest buildings and estates.

By supporting the whole construction life cycle, including retrofit and managed services, we support the requirements of the various stakeholders’ pre and post Practical Completion.

We combine exceptional engineering design and project delivery skills during the construction phase, with collaborative managed services once the building is in-life.

Senior Leadership Team

Moto Shakoori

Founder and CEO

Tim Gaynor


Emily Bignell

Head of People & Culture

Pat White

Director - Presales


A quantum organisation is a model that seeks to evolve the traditional definition of business structure and operating model. Ideal has adopted quantum to break down silos and release the creativity and energy of our hyper collaborative teams. Each of our teams has an advocate, who is their point person in aligning the team to other teams in Ideal. Our advocates are passionate about their team and its outputs. They make sure everyone is working collaboratively throughout the organisation, that information is shared freely, and that we are all working towards the same goals.