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Ideal has a long established track record in proving top class Managed Network and Cybersecurity Services. We have designed, built and now manage networks and services for some of the most prestigious projects in the UK. The combination of our people’s experience, expertise and willingness to make sure our support meets the specific needs of your building means that we effectively become an extension of the building management team.

Our range of Managed and Smart Services means that we can support building management teams by providing access to deep expertise and wide experience. The scale and complexity of Smart Building projects means that we are often asked to maintain a presence on site, and this is something that we have seen add significant value for customers. Importantly, we can support Building Management Teams where we have not provided the CNS, or even where there is no CNS in place.

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Smart Managed Network

Developers and Building Managers face multiple challenges. Smart buildings need to deliver outstanding user experiences to attract people to work there, whilst also delivering against challenging energy and sustainability goals. A well-run CNS minimises the issues caused by data silos across the myriad of Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems that underpin a smart building, campus or environment.

Ideal provides expertise and resource to ensure the network continues to provide high availability and reliability, and that it evolves in step with the needs of users.

Smart Managed IP Service

Smart buildings rely upon thousands of assets and devices connected to the converged network to be available and operate correctly. Our Smart Managed IP Service provides monitoring and management of devices connected via the Converged Network System (CNS) to the Building Management System (BMS). By extending monitoring beyond the CNS, clients achieve visibility of the building’s IP devices and the associated CNS connections, enabling rapid identification of issues. It also provides an enhanced managed service wrapper which supports and notifies and, where appropriate, provides centralised incident management across all parties e.g., Ideal, building management teams and control system providers, facilitating investigation and remediation activities. The service is under-pinned utilising ITIL best practices, providing deliverables such as:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Incident Management, root cause analysis, and Incident reporting
  • Incident trend analysis
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Impact analysis
  • Service Reporting
  • Continual Service Improvement Planning

Smart Managed Cybersecurity

Smart buildings require the thousands of assets and devices connected to the CNS to be available and operate correctly. However, the very fact that these IT, OT and IoT devices and assets are connected creates a significant ‘attack surface’ for cyber attackers. Cybercriminals are increasingly aware of this and are increasingly targeting OT and IoT infrastructures with emerging cyber threats.

Our Managed Smart Managed Cybersecurity service secures the combined IT and OT estate as a Managed Service, delivering assurance via an industry leading capability to minimise the risk of a cyber security breach.

The service is powered by our 24x7x365 global SOC, offering complete, around-the-clock coverage. The SOC leverages onthe industry-leading capabilities of the Microsoft Security Stack which, when combined with our dedicated team of cyber security experts, offers unbeatable protection with service has one goal in mind: prevent operational disruptions caused by cyber-attacks on these sensitive networks